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Discontinuation of Signaline HD VdS Approval

The Signaline HD range of analogue linear heat detectors and associated SKM controllers have been a longstanding member of the Signaline family of cables.

Therefore, it is with sadness that we must inform our customers that the 31st October 2019 will mark the discontinuation of the HD range.

Due to the implementation of EN54:22 and the withdrawal of the EN54:5 standard for linear products LGM Products will no longer be able to offer the HD product for new builds. The affected products are as follows;

CSSIGHC001 Signaline HD Controller Vds Approved
CSSIGHD001 Signaline HD Analogue Heat Sensing Cable
CSSIGHD002 Signaline HD Analogue Heat Sensing Cable Resistant Nylon Coated
Signaline HD and SKM controllers can only be offered for replacements and extension work going forward.

We will still be able to offer this product as a non-approved system.

Our focus remains on our linear heat product range and we are delighted to continue to grow LGM’s Signaline FT range with the addition of the Signaline FT-230-X cable and the LocatorPlus.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for the support and custom they have given the Signaline HD range over the years.

This news item was posted on 15 October 2019.